Oil Changes in Willow Grove, Southampton, Feasterville, Philadelphia, and Ambler, PA

Oil Change Willow Grove, Southampton, Feasterville, Philadelphia & Ambler PA

How long has it been since your last oil change? Pop your hood, pull the oil dipstick and have a look. Fresh, clean motor oil should be translucent and amber. Oil that’s still translucent but looking a little darker is okay for awhile, but oil, that’s a dark brownish-black and has a sour smell should be changed right away.

But how does oil get so dark and nasty, anyway?

Motor oil provides a film of lubrication that cuts friction and disperses heat. All the moving parts in the engine run on clearances that are no more than a few microns thick – and without that oil, the engine’s moving parts would soon overheat to a point where they would become red-hot, weld to each other and lock up the engine.

Normal operation means that microscopic metal shavings will make their way into the oil, along with the carbon, acids and water vapor from the combustion process in the cylinders. These contaminants will all be trapped in the paper element of the oil filter, until the filter becomes so saturated it can’t absorb any more. At that point, the carbon and acids will build up on the engine’s internal assemblies as sludge or crusty deposits, speeding up engine wear.

For years, oil companies and quick-change shops pushed the “3,000 mile rule” for conventional motor oil. Todays’ formulations of conventional oil can go 5,000 miles between changes with no sludge buildup…but tests show that synthetic motor oil outperforms conventional oil in all aspects of engine protection. While synthetic oil is more expensive, it can easily go 10-12,000 miles between oil changes and is recommended by all manufacturers for new vehicles.

In the end, the choice is up to you. You can spend a little money now for regular oil changes as part of your maintenance schedule, or you can spend a lot of money down the road for overhauling a prematurely worn-out engine. Not really much of a choice, is it? Make an appointment with United Tire & Service in Willow Grove, Southampton, Feasterville, Philadelphia and Ambler, PA for your next oil change!