Oil Changes in  Phoenixville, Pottstown, and Paoli, PA

Oil Change Phoenixville, Pottstown & Paoli, PA

You’ve probably heard it for as long as you’ve owned a vehicle or been driving. “Having your oil changed every 3,000 miles is the most important thing you can do for your car!”

Why are regular oil changes so important, though?

Your engine generates an incredible amount of heat just through normal operation. There’s heat from the friction of moving parts, which operate on tolerances that are only a few microns thick. There’s the heat from the combustion process, which also results in a great deal of carbon, water vapor and acid byproducts that make their way into oil. Motor oil helps dissipate all that heat by cutting friction and premature wear. Without it, the engine would soon overheat to a point where metal parts would actually weld to each other and lock the engine up.

Failing to change your oil regularly, however, means thick and crusty carbon deposits or sludge buildup on internal engine assemblies, all of which are bad news for your engine.

In the old days, conventional motor oil needed to be changed at a 3,000 mile interval. Today, the detergents, friction modifiers, dispersants and other additives in oil can easily allow a 5,000 mile oil change without any compromise in engine protection. The jury is in on synthetic oil, however, and testing and real-world results show that synthetic does a better job of engine protection than mineral-based oil ever could. Synthetic oil doesn’t thin out when it’s very hot, or thicken at cold temperatures. It does a better job of cutting wear and sludge buildup, and while synthetic oil is considerably more expensive, it can be changed at a 10-12,000 mile interval with no problems. NOTE: always check your owner’s manual for manufacturer’s oil change recommendations.

So when was your last oil change? Is  the motor oil on your dipstick honey-colored and translucent, slightly darker or the color of black coffee? Make an appointment with us at United Tire & Service in Phoenixville, Pottstown, and Paoli, PA and make regular oil changes part of your preventive maintenance schedule. It will pay off with longer engine life…and your car will thank you!