Michelin Tires - Over 100 Years of Peace of Mind

Michelin Tires in PA | United Tire & ServiceSince the turn of the last century, Michelin has been setting the standard for innovation and excellence in tires. The company was founded by the Michelin brothers in 1889, and over the years, Michelin has been first-to-market with products such as: 
  • First detachable tire for bicycles (1891)
  • First dual tires for trucks (1908)
  • First radial casing (1946)
  • First "super single" tire for trucks (2000)
  • World's largest tire (2001)
Michelin Tires in PA | United Tire & ServiceMichelin has also long been involved in racing and motorsports, and they bring that racing heritage and innovation to the tires they make for consumers as well. Michelin has spent well over 100 years building a reputation for performance, great workmanship and innovative design. Michelin's quality is so well-respected, specially-designed Michelin tires were chosen for the American space shuttle missions! Today, Michelin is one of the premier tire makers worldwide, and has a dealer network that's second to none.

When you ride on Michelin tires, you have the peace of mind that comes with knowing you're riding on a century of quality and dedication to excellence. You can be assured that your tires are covered by one of the best tire warranties in the industry, and a dealer network that's second to none. At United Tire & Service, we're a proud member of the Michelin family of dealerships. We stock a wide range of 
Michelin tires for all sorts of applications -- make an appointment with us today!