Tips For Fuel Economy

January 9th, 2017

Everyone wants to get a little more out of their fuel dollars, whether they’re driving a subcompact or a big SUV. Here are some ways to get a little farther on a gallon of Fuel Economy in Bethlehem PA gas:

Check your tire inflation monthly. Even newer tires can lose air pressure due to the porosity of rubber. Tires that are even a few pounds low on inflation pressure can mean excessive rolling resistance, knocking one or two MPG’s off of your fuel economy.

Check your air filter. The air filter traps particulates in its paper or fabric element before they can enter the fuel system and the engine. A dirty air filter, however, will impede air flow to a point where it chokes the engine and kills fuel economy and power.

Keep a light foot on the accelerator. Stomping the gas pedal just means more fuel is being dumped into your engine.

Watch your speed. If your vehicle is equipped with a trip computer, use it and monitor your real-time gas mileage. You’ll notice it drops off pretty quickly past 70 mph!

Use your cruise control. It can do a better job of keeping your speed constant than your right foot ever can. Don’t use it in heavy traffic, of course, or in bad weather…but whenever you can safely use it on the highway, use it!

A well-maintained vehicle is also essential for fuel economy. How are you doing on preventive maintenance? Make an appointment with us at United Tire and Service for a full checkup!  

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